Need energy? Try one of these magic pills!

Every person has a completely different routine at work and your energy level does influence your productivity at work. But what can you do to not drain your batteries too easily?

Let me introduce you to Jane. She wakes up early and she drinks her first cup of coffee at her workplace. In the morning, she is full of energy, her concentration is great, but within 2 hours she becomes a bit tired. She can’t focus and her mind is already at the lunch break. Within an hour she gets to eat her lunch. After she finished her meal, she is pretty satisfied. Today she enjoyed  steak and potatoes – however now she feels sleepy. Later she meets her colleague James, they don’t like each other and he was mean to her. Till the end of her working day she feels distracted, unable to focus and do her job 100%. Jane is not the only one, who feels like that.

How would a high energy day have looked like?

Let me introduce you to a few tricks how you can master your energy at work and become more productive. If you do this every day and create a habit out of it, you are on the best way to boost your resiliency.

1. Eat light food

One of the mistakes Jane made, she had heavy lunch. Her body needed a lot of energy in order to digest the food. Eat more times a day in smaller portions. And try to avoid sweets and heavy meals. You may think sweets gives you a boost of energy. And yes, it does. But very quick energy, which disappears as fast as it comes. Go for foods with low glycemic index. Chocolate bar, big no no. Nuts and fruits, YES! Also for lunch choose something lighter, if you need meat, try fish or chicken. If you don’t, then you’ll be just fine as long as you have proteins on your plate as well.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

Don’t rely on coffee only. Drink water and unsweetened herbal tea instead. You already know that chocolate bars and sweets are not a good idea. The same counts for soda drinks. Avoid them at all cost. Keep your glass at desk always full, when you drink it, refill it.

3. Take breaks

We’re not robots and for better performance we need to take a break. Set timer on your clock and give yourself 10 minutes rest every 60-90 minutes. You’ll feel the difference instantly.

4. Move a bit

Sitting for long hours is not healthy for us or even better said, it’s dangerous. Unless you plan to die prematurely from heart disease or diabetes. According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, you should be standing on your feet extra 4 hours a day. If you have the possibility to work standing then do so. If not, just take a walk a few times a day and stretch.

Over the weekend I bought myself a Garmin Vivosmart, which reminds me frequently to Move and not sit too long in front of my Mac book. I have to say I LOVE IT!

5. Become friends with your coworkers

This one is hard for some of you, but you just heard the story how James annoyed Jane and she was nervous and distracted for the rest of her day. I know most people can’t like everyone. Just try to become friends with some colleagues. According to the research by American Psychological Association you’ll live longer if you work in a friendly and supportive environment.

6. Plan a nap

If you have the possibility, integrate a short 10-30 minutes nap in the afternoon. In some Asian countries, this is common practice. You’ll get an extra boost of energy and you’ll literally have your second very productive morning. Also, don’t underestimate your night’s sleep. Take at least 6 hours – another feature that gets measured with my new gadget.

7. Don’t waste your energy

This is very important. Make only those decisions you have to take. Don’t get involved into hateful gossip, bad mood and anger of someone else. Stay away from it, it’s not your responsibility, don’t donate your energy to such useless cause.

Are you experiencing low energy at work? Try these tricks and let me know which worked best for you. I’m here for you if you need support on strengthening your own or your employees’ resilience.

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