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Your Resource to Strengthen Your Workforce

Resilient employees drive the organisation to sustainable success. They are ready to adapt continuous changes, perform under challenging circumstances and transform unexpected situations to opportunities. Powerful employees assure that the organisation becomes resilient and grows out of the average.

Reduction of “sick days”
Reduction of Burnout
Decrease in fluctuation
Growth of overall work satisfaction
“Anja is a superb coach and trainer who brings her deep
experience and never-ending passion to every
engagement. Look forward to a high-energy and rewarding
learning experience.”
David Chard • President, EngagingMinds

Our Solutions For Your Business

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Keynote Speech

Anja Serfontein will gladly customize a program to fit your group’s needs. The most popular keynote speeches for strengthening resilience are “Conquer your Inner Tsunami” and “7+1 Steps to Solve Your Problem”. Participants will learn powerful strategies that boost their personal resilience, they’ll know how to identify stressors in their life, see the situation in a bigger picture and learn how to collaborate more effectively.


The Emotional First Aid Kit

The Emotional First Aid Kit is a training course teaching different techniques and methods to ensure employees know techniques to increase their emotional well-being. Among the components of the Emotional First Aid Kit you’ll find ‘The Work’ from Byron Katie, EFT and many more.

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bounce back program

Bounce Back Program

This program is suited for an individual employee during or after experiencing difficult situations. In our sessions we will help him/her to learn how to handle inner conflicts, review problematic working relationships and/or re-approach a crisis with a new mindset, in order to become more assertive with important decisions.


Resilience Training

We can design training for your teams and leaders based on your needs. Let us know about your preferences in a short questionnaire. We’ll contact you back soon with proposals.

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anja humanflex


Humanflex is a 90-day programme to rewire your brain, so that you are able to connect to your inner strength when you need it. 5mins a day!


Resilience Diagnostics

Measure your company resilience. We provide you detailed insight into the resilience of your employees. Participants will receive comprehensive report, self-development toolkit and individual recommendations.

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Do you want to boost the resilience of your organisation but you’re not sure which solution is best for you? Contact us for more information.

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