Volunteering saved my life

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Giving away your time, skills and energy to help others is incredibly important. Some people say, that you have nothing [...]

Superboost your Resilience with Fasting

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Fasting has been connected to religious rituals for centuries. Scientists have been examining consequences of fasting on human organism and [...]

Four ways to stay afloat when crisis strikes

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Resilience is not a privilege. Resilience is a necessity. Today’s world seems stressful, fast, and constantly changing. I believe that [...]

Physical Resilience

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Physical resilience is the ability of our physical body to endure various challenges and maintain stamina and strength. It also [...]

Mental Resilience

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Do you know people, who you think are mentally though? Do you consider yourself as mentally tough? What makes someone [...]

How to manage yourself into a great performance

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Does self-care influence the quality of life? We often hear that self-care plays an important role in avoiding stress and [...]