Christopher Wah Chiu

Christopher Wah Chiu from New York used to work on Wall Street. Collapsed lung at the age of 29 made him reconsider his lifestyle. It was a wake up call. Watch this interview and find out how this finance guy from NYC made a 180 degree turn in his life and moved to Asia to train Muay Thai.

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Anita Kapoor

Anita Kapoor is a TV host, traveller and a food-lover. Before she landed her great career and found her passion, she had taken a long bumpy journey. Watch this inspirational interview with Anita.

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Photo credit: Suasti Lye

Lisa Cox

Lisa Cox is an author, speaker and consultant. At the age of 24 she had a brain haemorrhage and almost died. The brain damage had big consequences on her sight, speech and memory. In this interview she talks about her battle with life challenges and how she helps others to find their fearless freedom.

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Rackel Valadares

Rackel Valadares is a successful executive and a mother of two. She’s been working in corporate sector for over a decade. Where many people gave up, she stayed and built a successful career. Being a resilience warrior also means to overcome daily challenges and stay on the track.

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