Conquer Your Inner Tsunami

As a survivor of the 2004 Tsunami Anja tells the story once more how this tragic natural disaster opened the window for her awareness of Inner Resilience. When the world outside collapsed – the only place to draw strengths from is from within. She then bridges this event to the daily disasters in our own life and how we can strengthen our own backbone. Each one of us can increase their ability to bounce and capacity to recover from change, mistakes, setbacks and stress that we so often experience at work.

  • Recognizing the stressors in their own life and viewing things from a distance.
  • Learn 4 quick strategies to give yourself a resilience boost.
  • An opportunity to open their empathy portal for better team collaboration.
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Anja Serfontein will gladly customize a program to fit your group’s needs. The presentations described below are the most popular for strengthening your employees’ resilience. Popular Keynotes ( 30 – 75 minutes)

7 steps to solve your problem

What if you had a simple checklist to clarify how you can achieve a faster breakthrough in your day-to-day challenges. Research has shown that resilient people are able to draw from 7 key factors. In this talk you will not only get to know them, but also learn how to ask the right questions to faster navigate through the obstacles in your life.

Participants will:

  • Raise their awareness of success key factors
  • Know how a resilient mindset works in challenging times
  • Define the block(s) towards great achievements
  • Broaden their perspective

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