• Mental resilience

Mental Resilience

Do you know people, who you think are mentally though? Do you consider yourself as mentally tough? What makes someone mentally strong and how does it influence their life and performance?

The difference between a mentally tough and mentally weak person

All of us struggle with setbacks from time to time. Mentally tough people don’t take it as an ultimate fail, but a prize they have to pay for the future success. Maybe you saw all those motivation pictures with incredibly successful people who failed big time before they achieved their dreams. Oprah Winfrey was told she is not a fit for TV, Walt Disney was fired because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas,” Elvis Presley was fired after his very first performance. And so on. It requires a person with a strong mind to handle such setbacks and not giving up. Imagine Elvis gave up and got back to truck driving. That would have been such a big loss for the world.

Mentally strong people have an optimistic attitude even when they failed. They don’t lose self-belief and focus on a positive outcome next time. On the other side, mentally weak people tend to blame themselves and focus on the mistake instead of looking forward.

The emotional response of tough people on setback is not significant. They stay enthusiastic and optimistic while weak people lose hope, become irritated and discouraged.

The energy state of mentally strong individuals remains positive and high in intensity. And as you can guess, the energy state of mentally weak people is negative and very low in intensity.

How mental resilience influences your performance

So now you know, how powerful your mind is. How it can switch your attitude and ultimately your reality. In a corporate job, you experience a lot of various situations. From little wins through stereotype to failures. You’re a human and you naturally make mistakes. Mentally strong people recover and learn from their failures. Later on, they’re able to make better decisions. On the opposite, mentally weak people become nervous, start hiding from responsibilities and think backwards.

Your mental power can define your career, position in the team or even the position in the whole company. Every mistake is a lesson you take, in order to become even better than you were yesterday. Positive thinking and optimism is pulling you forward.

How to become mentally stronger

  1. Develop positive self-talk. You’re the only person responsible for your thoughts, emotions, your actions and your life. When you detect negative talk in your head, just stop it and switch it to something positive.
  2. Reward yourself for every little win. You’re your biggest fan. Whenever you feel you achieved your goal, feel free to make something special for yourself.
  3. Accept responsibility for your own life. You don’t need excuses.
  4. Do you want to be a confident and respected manager? Act that way. Pay attention to your looks, posture, talk.
  5. Keep learning. Every situation is the opportunity to learn.
  6. Don’t accept failure easily. Be persistent with your actions.
  7. Whenever you feel like slipping down, remember all your previous successes

Now, let me know what do YOU do to become mentally resilient? Feel free to share your tips and tricks. I’d like to introduce you also to my Corporate Resilience program – Humanflex. It’s a 90-day challenge that helps you to rewire your brain, so you are able to connect to your inner strength when you need it. Contact me if you’d like to know more.

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