The Big Lesson of Brexit: Acceptance – Key No. 1/7

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Do you like to feel miserable? I mean, who does? Humans are, hopefully, seeking well-being. We don’t like to be [...]

Behind the scenes of The Bounce Back Coach

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Virtual teams are pretty common nowadays. It’s amazing how people from different countries can virtually work together and create value. [...]

The missing part of talent management & HR development strategy

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Every corporation wants to be profitable, grow and succeed. In order to achieve all these ambitious goals, management comes up [...]

What does it take to keep an employee loyal?

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Those days, when employees stayed at one job for the entire career, are long gone. Millennials are entering the labour [...]

How to Be a Great Leader from Today, Backed by Science

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People are rarely born great leaders. For most of us, it requires a great deal of hard work. Does it [...]