Sometimes the situation at work becomes overwhelming. The increasing level of stress, complaining colleagues and the entire atmosphere that doesn’t seem to get better. The pressure is unbearable and you are about to explode. There are basically three ways you can react. Which one do you choose?

  • Ignore the situation and/or join the circle of complainers? The louder we cry the quicker the change?
  • Self-protection and making sure your holiday is secure in the team holiday planner?
  • Stepping up to the challenge and see how your contribution and engagement can change the situation? I.e. using Humor, ensuring appreciation and tuning into your colleagues needs.

Let’s face it, the first option is the easiest. You want to get all the stress out and you believe that by sharing your frustration, you actually get lighter. Unfortunately, you won’t! You will get sucked into the negativity and you might feel that the problem is worse than it actually is.

Self-protection is a logical step. You have to think first about yourself and your family. That’s completely understandable and there is nothing wrong about that. But is it the vacation which will solve your problems? Or you will enjoy your 2 weeks off and then come back stressful environment. Yes, you will be rested but how long does it take to get under the same pressure? A week? Maybe two

The third option is definitely the hardest. Why you should do something to change the situation? You didn’t cause it after all! You are the victim not the cause of problem, right? I agree with you. But I bet you know deep inside that unless you take the responsibility for making a change, nothing happens and you will stay in the same circumstances. Using humor, ensuring respect and appreciation doesn’t only shift your view but also the reality of your colleagues.

What is sabotaging your efforts?

Before you decide on previous example, let’s talk about self-limiting beliefs. Since we were little we developed a lot of such beliefs. Some of them you got from your parents, other ones from teachers, society, TV, your own mind. Everyone has them. But to be truly free means to acknowledge them and get rid of them. Ask yourself consciously “What limits me?” and give yourself permission to free yourself from this limiting belief.

Limiting beliefs can stop you from taking responsibilities. What is my responsibility here? What comes from external influences and what promise did I make to myself? In what world do I want to live in? Am I stepping up to the responsibility in front of me?

Finding answers to these question can help to find a life of deeper meaning – in times of a crisis it can give new input, perhaps even new direction for a purposeful life.

Responsibility as a starting point to solve the problems

Back to the office and stressful atmosphere. You decided to take responsibility? Great! I couldn’t be any prouder. Now let’s look at the problem from a helicopter perspective and ask yourself: what is the actual problem. In the next step brainstorm some ways how you personally can solve it, choose one of them and do it. Two things might happen, you made a mistake and you need to find another way to solve the problem or you succeed and you have reason to celebrate.

You’re the only person who can change your reality, so don’t be afraid to do so!

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