Virtual teams are pretty common nowadays. It’s amazing how people from different countries can virtually work together and create value. The ‘Bounce Back Coach’ team is also virtually connected most of its time. At the very moment, we’re from Germany, Slovakia, and Hungary. This post won’t be about resilience, as it usually is. I’d love to take you behind the scenes of The Bounce Back Coach.

How do we work?

Working virtually has big advantages and perks. The team comes from different environments and has a unique approach to every challenge. It’s the global mindset that is taking us forward. We are fortunate to be from the same timezone so scheduling the calls is convenient for all three of us. Using multiple online tools help us to stay connected and focused. Not everything about virtual work is perfect, though. Building a team spirit is harder over video calls than in the daily life in the office. After months of working virtually, we felt the need to get together for a real high-five. Coming from countries so close to each other, we enjoyed a great get-together in the beautiful city of Budapest.

Finding the connection, the power of 3

We’re a team of 3 different women from 3 different countries and with 3 different backgrounds. We have been happily married to men from 3 different countries from our own. And each of us speaks at least 3 different languages fluently. When you’re running a virtual team and you want to create a bond between the team members, it’s always great to find a connection. We have one, actually a pretty big one. Each of us has lived for a period of time by the river Danube. Szenia in Budapest, Barbora in Bratislava and Belgrade, me in Ulm, Germany. Our first get-together obviously happened by the Danube. The power of three in its greatest.

Brainstorming ideas and setting ambitious goals

We’re cooking something new in The Bounce Back Coach ‘kitchen’. Our ambition is to create a revolution in corporate coaching. We came up with a lot of ideas and we are ready to test them. We are calling all the brave HR managers, CEOs and business owners, who understand the importance of productive and well-balanced workforce, who want to create a change in their company. Feel free to contact us for more information.

The next stop

The time we’ve spent together turned out to be very valuable. A lot of things got clear and we got to know each other better. Our strongest bond is not the Danube anymore. So here we go again. All three of us together in the city that never sleeps, Hong Kong. We’ll be attending the Rise 2016 conference and we’re super excited to meet other ambitious startups from all around the world. If you want to meet us, let us know. We will be in Hong Kong from the 29th of May until the 4th of June. As a bonus, we’ll teach you quick techniques that help you manage your stress. :)